Regarding Photos, Submissions and Behavior


1. I can't believe I'm having to say this... ALL CONTESTANTS MUST BE HUMAN! (...Don't ask!) Do not ask if you can enter a pet, you WILL NOT be taken seriously!!!
2."Like" the SE Bunnies Facebook page
3. Submit a reason on the SE Bunnies FB wall telling us why you would like to be considered as an SE Bunny.
4. Submit your photo!
5. You MUST be at least 18 years of age and older! Sorry.. NO EXCEPTIONS!


By submitting your photo you agree that all photos you submit become property of SE Bunnies and/or it's associates and grant permission to use first name and photos in music videos, Blogs, Facebook, The Official SE Bunnies Website along with SE Studios websites, promo videos for the group and website and in the virtual 3D world.

Be sure to check the do's and don'ts when submitting photos. No inappropriate photos will be accepted and will cause immediate dismissal from entry. All photos must be named with your name as shown in the examples on the do's and don'ts page. Photos must show your face and your face cannot be obstructed where we can't see you. Keep in mind... Girls are Bunnies and Guys are Judges!!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are voted in as a bunny you will be required to take a photo with a reasonable amount of time wearing your ears and bow as it's all part of being with SE Bunnies.


Keep in mind that any disrespect to Judges, Bunnies, or entries will not be tolerated. Any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated as well and will disqualify you from entry and/or will result in immediate dismissal from the group. If you do not agree with our decision you can submit an appeal in writing telling us why you do not agree with that decision within 48 hours to:


SE Bunnies and/or it's associates are not responsible if you do not get voted in. If you are not voted in the first time, you can always submit another entry the following month. There are NO LIMITS on how many times you can submit an entry and we wish everyone the best of luck!

SE Bunnies and/or it's associates are NOT responsible for any comments written, typed or spoken by another party on any picture or website at any time. Keep in mind that although this is only for fun and entertainment purposes only, we simply cannot monitor everything all the time. If anyone is harassing you, tell us immediately and it will be dealt with. We are running a clean, fun and friendly organization and we intend to keep it that way. But, like anything else... ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!