So, You wanna be an SE Bunny or an SE Bunnies Judge?

Okay... So here's the deal...

There is NO COST to join. There are just a couple things that you need to know to get the ball rolling...

SE Bunnies and SE Bunny Judges

You MUST click the "LIKE" button on the SE Bunnies Facebook page before you do anything. Then, in either a pm or a Facebook comment simply state you are wanting to join and why. Someone will then send you a pm as soon as they can. Although we respond as quick as we can... there are times it takes us a little longer, so just be patient.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are voted in as a bunny you will need to take a photo within a reasonable amount of time (usually 30 days) wearing a set of bunny ears as it's all part of being an SE Bunny. Makes Sense... Right?

We thank every one for submitting an entry and we wish each and everyone of you the very best of luck! Be sure to check our Facebook for new announcements! New SE Bunny photos will be put up on this site ASAP so be patient!

Thank You for your interest of wanting to Join a friendly community who accepts everyone as they are!!

Good Luck,

SE Bunnies and SE Bunny Judges!