SE Bunnies VIP Lounge

Before Entering let's get a few things straight...

SE Bunnies wants everyone to enjoy their time in the chat Lounge. That being said...

* Adult content is prohibited in chat rooms.
* Keep in mind, our chat rooms are not moderated so we cannot control what others say. But if caught breaking the rules you will be removed.
* Discussions should not be sexual in nature.
* Anyone caught indulging in cyber-sex would be removed from the chat room.
* Expressions of anger or hatred towards anyone will not be tolerated, and neither will threats to harm anyone.
* Advertising is not permitted in our chat rooms, nicknames or profiles.
* We welcome people of all religions, genders, races and viewpoints.
* Visitors to the chat room are requested to avoid using ALL CAPS while chatting.
* You agree that SE Bunnies and/or any of its affilates and/or partners are NOT responsible for anything that takes place in any of the rooms!
* For Fun and entertainment purposes only!

I have read and understood the terms.